Day 1 – Beloved Bracelet

Here it is…my very first post. Just in case you haven’t been hit over the head with my mission, I’m trying to find out how taking one moment out of our busy lives each day to truly connect with our kids may have an impact on the relationships in our households. Take just one moment to feel the love, make the connection…every day. Our kids will be grown and gone before we know it – here’s to making the time count.

I found out yesterday that my kids’ new school does not allow the students to hand out store bought Valentine’s Day cards. I threw a fit. Three kids, hand making valentine cards for 54 classmates sounded like a crafting nightmare. I envisioned glue, yarn and (everyone’s least favorite crafting supply) glitter strewn throughout my kitchen for the next 6 days. Instead of embracing the task, I loudly complained to the kids and quickly placed the task low on the priority list thinking we would bang out a few folded heart shaped scraps late in the night on February 13. After dinner last night, I found Cricket making braided bracelets in her room. As I looked closer, I noticed she had cut out cute notes then threaded them through the bracelet, making one for each child in her class (a great idea she found on the Internet). She then pulled one of the plain bracelets out of box she had wrapped up and said, “Mom, I made this one for you,” and tied it on my wrist. Looking down at it, I could see a piece of her right there on my wrist. In that moment I realized that I need to stop looking for the fast and easy way out because I might just miss something beautiful.



9 thoughts on “Day 1 – Beloved Bracelet

  1. I absolutely love this!!! So much power in the simplicity! Thanks for being an inspiration to me and helping remind me that ‘fast’ is not always best.

  2. Simply Beautiful! I will be a faithful reader and think this is an amazing idea. What quick reminder to live in the moment and not always foucs on our “To Do” list. Can’t wait!

  3. What a beautiful story! (and a good lesson). I would have felt the same way about the project. Glitter makes me shudder. I’d like to think that at least one of my boys would embrace the project in the same way as Cricket did. I’d hate to hold back that creative spirit.

  4. Now I feel guilty! With busy lives, its hard to stop and think what were missing at that moment. Thanks for the reminder. Love the first post, can’t wait to read more!!

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