Day 2 – Brown Bagging It

Yesterday morning started out rough.  Maverick had to leave for work while the house was still quiet, the kids just wouldn’t get out of bed, they wouldn’t finish their breakfast…we’ve all had mornings like these.  To make things worse, my announcement of the school hot lunch du jour of tri-colored tortellini resulted in a chorus of collective vomiting noises and the pleading for packed cold lunches for my poor desperate children. The kids were then using every stall tactic in the book to avoid getting ready for school.  I knew it was really bad when Rocky pulled out the tape measure and said he wanted me to measure how tall he was (why he had to do this at 7:32 am, I wasn’t quite sure).  In a typical household, measuring height is a time for celebration.  In an identical twin household, we cringe.  There Rocky stood against the wall as his twin, Sport, stood anxiously watching.  4’9” tall…wow, he had really grown.  Sport clambered to be next, put his heels against the wall and stood up tall.  He measured 4’8” tall, an inch shorter than his brother.  He walked away hanging his head low.  We had been through this before…he has never been taller, heavier or older (he’s younger by one minute) and I knew no words would comfort him in that moment.  I just went back to making lunches.  As I packed the items into the lunch boxes I had an idea.  Instead of packing Sport’s lunch in his usual black lunch box, I got out an old school brown paper bag.  On the bag I drew pictures of things he was good at.  These are things he can control (unlike height, age, etc.).  As he grabbed his bag at lunchtime, I hope he knew Mom recognized just how giant he really was.


(Spoiler Alert:  I really can’t draw this well.  I quickly Googled “Football Clipart” etc. on my phone to give me something to go by.  LOVE it when Google makes me look good in front of 9 year olds!)


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