Day 6 – Hallmark Hugs

Rocky has been complaining lately that he doesn’t get enough attention.  He tells me that his sister gets to have all the mom fun with girl talk and pedicures while his brother is hogging the mommy cuddle time.  He seems to think the only attention he gets is when he is in trouble.    While I’d like to think I give absolutely, positively 100% equal attention to each one of my kids, that is simply not the case.  It’s true that lately, Rocky’s gotten the short end of the stick.  Luckily, this time I came prepared.  Last summer I was killing time in Target…a most dangerous hobby.  I got sucked into the greeting card aisle and picked up a bright colored card encouraging the reader to smile because someone was thinking about them.  Before I knew it, I had ten similar cards in my hand thinking they would someday come in handy (and I’m shocked when I stop at Target for socks and end up spending $75 on things I didn’t know I needed!).  At home, I stashed the cards in a desk drawer for later use.  This morning when Rocky was slicking his hair down and brushing his teeth, I grabbed one of those cards.  After writing him a special note, I slipped it into his backpack hoping he would see it right when he got to school.  At the end of the day, he was the first one to come bounding into the car.  No hello, high five, or any of the usual greetings…instead he had a huge smile followed by a giant shout out, “Thanks for the awesome card Mom!”  For today at least, the attention scale seemed a little more balanced.



3 thoughts on “Day 6 – Hallmark Hugs

  1. Great way to save the day! I’m going to head to my local Target and buy a few ‘just in case’ cards and dump 5x as much money in stuff I don’t need….thanks for the idea!

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