Day 7 – Recipe for Your Heart

Several years ago when I was working in the corporate world, I spent Valentine’s Day lunch with my good friend and co-worker.  While pounding down our lunch trying to get back to our desks to meet the next deadline, we talked about the valentine traditions in our households growing up.  I shared that my mom always made a giant heart-shaped cake (a tradition my kids carry on in our home today).  She then told me that each year her mom served pink milk and heart shaped meatloaf for dinner.  Of all things valentine, somehow meatloaf just didn’t rise to the top of my mind when thinking of cupids and romance.   My face must have shown my bewilderment because I remember her quickly defending herself by saying something to the effect of, “She’s always made that on Valentine’s Day!  It’s tradition!”

Like every year, this morning the kids had no trouble getting out of bed.  They came running downstairs to see their Valentine presents laid out at their place at the table.  Candy, cards and a toy…all things I’m sure will be enjoyed and played with, but sadly soon discarded.  It’s all part of the fun and joy of the holiday.  However, at our dinner tonight we will drink our pink milk (thanks for the idea my friend!) and celebrate with our heart shaped cake…traditions that last long after the rejected chocolate wrappers.  What is the recipe for your heart?



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