Day 10 – Silver Square of Love

A couple of years ago I picked up a pretty silver token in a gift shop.  On one side it said, “I Love You” and on the other side it said, “XOXO” with a cute embossed heart.  I had big dreams for my trinket, imagining I would slip it into Maverick’s briefcase where he would find it at work and suddenly be caught up in my overwhelming love and affection for him.   It was a lot to expect from a tiny gift store knick knack.  Ultimately, I thought he would then sneak it into something of mine and we would play this back and forth game for years to come.  Oh how I had built up the romanticism of it all…until my little charm ended up in the bottom of our desk drawer buried for years.  When I came across that token this week, surprisingly, I didn’t think of Maverick at all.  I opened up Cricket’s daily planner and taped it to a page where she would see it first thing in the morning with a little note that said, “Love Mom.”   After school, she very coyly acknowledged the find with a sweet thank you and went on her way.  Later that I night, I was exhausted after a long week and ready to collapse into bed.  I checked on the kids, switched off the light and went to set the house alarm before turning in.  When I punched in the alarm code in the dark, a glimmer of silver caught my eye.  Right there taped to the keypad was the sweet token of love with a note that said, “To Mom.”  As it turns out, that tiny square just needed to be in the right little hands to live up to my big dreams.



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