Day 13 – A Handful of Stars

When morning rolls around our house, I’m never quite sure what I’m going to get.  Some days, I have three bright and chipper kiddos, ready to face the day with smiles.  Other days, I nearly have to pry them out of their beds with a backhoe.  Most days, it’s a mixed bag with a little bit of both.  This morning, Rocky was a little teary saying he didn’t feel like going to school.  He grabbed onto my leg and wouldn’t let go.  Feeling a little short since we were already running late, I snapped at him to get on with his morning jobs so we could get to school on time.  He reluctantly released my leg and I went along getting things ready to get out the door.  The next time I caught his eye, he was dressed and ready for school but was still holding back tears.  He told me that he didn’t want to leave and just wanted to stay with me.  The pleading was heartbreaking.  As much as I adored that my nine year old still wanted to be with his mom (LOVE!), I knew he had to separate and go to school.  I quickly pulled a permanent marker from the drawer and drew a star inside his palm and did the same for my own hand.  I then had us clasp our hands together and told him to think of me whenever he saw his starry hand.  Finally, I saw his first smile of the day.  Throughout the day, I found myself looking at the star drawn on my own hand and thinking of my guy at school.  What was meant to make him feel better turned out to be the best part of my day.


(If this blogging thing doesn’t work out, I now know I definitely don’t have a career in hand modeling)


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