Day 14 – Show of Dreams

Getting the kids into bed at night can be a serious chore.  We often have to ask them to brush their teeth and put on their pajamas over ten times before the job actually gets done.  By the time the lights are turned off, I am ready to do a swan dive into my own bed and start my relaxation routine for the night.  Last night, the water cups were filled, heads were on the pillows and I was quietly sneaking away with my hand practically on the TV remote when I heard Rocky say, “Mom, can you come and stay with me?”  To be honest, I quickly closed my eyes and thought of a million excuses that I could easily tell him to get me off the hook.  Instead, it took every ounce of energy I had left from the day to go back into his room and crawl into bed with him.  When I got there, he announced that he wanted to talk about his future NBA career.  For a moment, I nearly shut the idea down by spewing out the probability and statistics of such a thing actually happening.  However, I held my tongue and let him go on.  I heard about elaborate college plans and agent negotiations as well as million dollar contracts and all-star MVP awards.  There was no doubt he had thought this thing through.  Just by listening, I was able to gain insight into a kid with big dreams and even bigger creative thought processes.  Lying there in his bed, I experienced a way better show than any TV remote could have provided.


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