Day 16 – Best Card in the Deck

Yesterday was a doozy.  Rocky had a sleepover with a friend and came home crabby.  Cricket was loaded down with homework complaining that she would never, ever, ever get it done (she’s a huge T Swift fan).  But it was Sport who decided to take me on with guns blazing.  He first refused to get dressed for church, then launched into a tear filled argument about how we always do things the family wants to do and never what he wants to do (hmmm…let it be known that while I like going to church, it does not top my list of most enjoyable activities like he may think).  He then cinched the emotion filled argument by saying his nine years had been (gasp!) boring.  While I can chuckle about it now, his words cut me like a dagger.  We didn’t speak to each other for about an hour.  Realizing the need for some serious reconnection with all of my kids, I suggested we go for a walk in the snowy woods on that beautiful day.  The cries and whines could be heard from miles away.  I heard excuses about the cold weather, feeling sick, and my personal favorite…they had just been outside – yesterday.  I finally had to lift my voice over their excuse chatter and tell them they were all going because I was The Mom.  Period.  Wow, that Mom card is powerful because they immediately started putting on their snow gear we were off to the woods.  Our hike was amazing and we all came back refreshed and in good spirits.  Despite my efforts, sometimes the kids just don’t want that connecting moment…but I have learned that’s often when they need it the most.

Tree 2

(Editor’s Note:  I hope you didn’t miss the blog too much over the weekend.  I have decided to take weekend days off and devote that time to the family.)


2 thoughts on “Day 16 – Best Card in the Deck

  1. I can totally relate. When the kids blurt out how bored they are or have nothing to do while I’m in the middle of cleaning the toilets, I lose my mind. At that point, I take all my frustration and blurt all the expletives I’ve known since grade school and flush the toilet as a symbol of voicing my opinion. That helps calm me down until the next crisis…then I have to find a bigger toilet.

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