Day 17 – Not on my List

After school yesterday, the kids threw their backpacks on the floor and headed straight for the video games.  When time was up, I turned off the TV and told the kiddos it was time to hit the books.  There was plenty of groaning (which actually sounded more like growling), but eventually they settled into their homework.  Probably putting far less effort into his academics than I would like, I heard an announcement a few minutes later that Sport was finished.  He added that he was bored and needed something to do.  He begged for more screen time which was immediately shot down.  He then asked if I would play with him which sent me into a quick speech about how he was old enough to entertain himself and needed to find something engaging for the next few minutes.  I knew this was an excuse for me to have a little more self-time to get a few things done around the house.  I went about my chores, excited to cross more things off my list.  As I looked over and saw Sport playing on the floor, I was drawn to him.  He was playing a game, yet there were no flashing lights, no musical chimes and no batteries.  It was a classic maze and marble tilt game from my childhood that required hand/eye coordination, skill and practice.  I curled up on the floor with him and watched as he navigated the maze with success.  He offered me a turn and we laughed as the ball immediately dropped through the holes.  We sat and played together for a long time.  As we were putting the game away, I realized that the most important task wasn’t on my chore list but instead right there playing on the floor.



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