Day 19 – Fist Bumps & Frets

I’ve seen it on the playground…kids making up elaborate secret handshakes to make them feel part of a special club. Awhile back, Sport suggested that he and I come up with our own secret handshake just for the fun of it. It was quite simple and soon turned into our everyday goodbye. Whether we were leaving for school or saying goodnight, there was some fist bumping, finger grabbing, and big smiles. Not to be outdone, Rocky and Cricket soon developed their own secret handshakes with me, giggling all along the way. We were now that family in the school parking lot drop off lane taking forever to get the kids out of the car as I am shaking and pounding fists with each child (Oh hush with your honking already, I’m bonding here!). The other night, Sport was frustrated with his homework. Upset that I wouldn’t give him the break he requested, he melted down. Knowing I had to leave for a dinner meeting, I told him that I loved him and headed out to the car with his thundering cries echoing in the background. Just as I was getting into my car, Sport ran into the garage.  With his face stained with tears, he held out his fist indicating he needed our handshake before I left. Playground antics cemented our ties that night in a way that words never could.


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