Day 21 – Just Say No to Chiclets

Cricket needed some shorts for our upcoming spring break trip so I headed to the mall on my own to try and pick out a few things for her.  It’s quite a daring venture these days since she is Miss Picky Pants when it comes to her clothing, however between homework and sports she barely has a free minute to do anything.  So off to the mall I went and soon ducked into one of those dark stores reeking of cologne and blasting music (I know I’m getting older, but honestly…does it really have to be that loud?).  I finally ended up in a tween store surrounded by everything neon; my little Cricket’s dream wardrobe.  I grabbed several pairs of bedazzled shorts and headed to checkout.  After ringing up my items, the cashier informed me I was just $.75 away from earning over one MILLLION dollars in coupons.  Okay, it wasn’t really a million bucks, but that’s the way she made it sound.  She told me that if I just bought a pack of Chiclets like other moms from my generation always do (seriously?), I would end up saving a ton of money the next time I shopped there.  I know I should have turned and ran right out the store, but Cricket really needed shorts.  I looked around and instead of buying the “gum of my generation,” I picked up some cool glow-in-the-dark stick-on mustaches.  I loaded up my purchases and headed out to pick up the kids from school.  As they hopped in the car, I greeted them with an orange mustachio stuck right under my nose.  They whooped and hollered as they grabbed for their own cool new facial accessory.  The next day, the new shorts were returned to the store, but the mustaches were still going strong.



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