Day 22 – Toothbrush Tango

Ever since we started dating, my husband has been an expert in chivalrous acts of service.  He will fill my tank with gas, take my clothes to the dry cleaner and even throw a hot rice pack under the sheets just to warm up my side of the bed.  Of the many things he does for me, my favorite is something so lovely and basic.  Before bed each night, I find my toothbrush set up with toothpaste waiting for me at the bathroom sink.  This sweet gesture says so much in its simplicity and sends me to bed with a smile.  Wanting to share that love with my kids, I tried out the toothbrush set-up with Rocky.  Per usual as of late, he was grumbling about getting ready for school and definitely not moving with a purpose.  I finally got him into the bathroom to comb his hair and brush his teeth.  Hoping to hear a giant yelp of thanks or see a sweet grin of acknowledgment, I waited with one ear turned toward the bathroom.  There was nothing.  He brushed his teeth and then whizzed by me on his way to watch cartoons.  It was suddenly obvious I had totally blown this act out of proportion in my mind.  Something that means so much to me from my loving spouse really didn’t mean anything to a busy nine year old.  As I thought about it more I decided that was completely untrue.  Rocky knew that by setting up his toothbrush I had helped him get to where he was going faster and there was definitely love in that.  Mission accomplished.



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