Day 23 – Fire & Ice

The phone call came at 6:33 am sending alarm through my sleepy body.  A call that early is usually never good news.  This day was an exception:  a mass broadcast from the school informing us that classes were cancelled due to snow.  If it’s possible to do a happy dance while still curled up under the covers, I was jiving away.  The kids were burned out and this is just what we all needed.  A lazy morning ensued, sprinkled with a few shouts of joy over our unexpected free day.  Soon the kids were pulling on snow pants and zipping up their jackets, eager to dive into the fresh powdery snow.  Typically one to watch from the window in order to avoid the frozen toes and snow drifting down my neck (ewwww), I knew this was a moment I needed to make the most of.  I laced up my boots and headed out with my sled in hand.  After hitting the homemade jumps and making snow angels, I figured I had been outside long enough and was ready for the comfort of my fireplace.  As I approached the deck, Cricket yelled for me to come back and play with her.  There was no way I could resist that face framed by rosy cheeks and snowy hair so I headed back to the yard and sat down directly across from her.  Immediately, she picked up a pile of fresh white snow and stuffed it in her mouth, challenging me to do the same.  Thoughts of wickedness ran through my brain:  pollution, dirt, animal disgustingness…but I picked up a big pile of white snow and shoved it in my mouth.  She giggled away and to be honest, it was quite refreshing.  In that moment, she thought I was cool and I thought she was beautiful.  An icy mouthful of snow with a smiley kiddo beats the comfort of a fireplace any day.



2 thoughts on “Day 23 – Fire & Ice

  1. Way to embrace the moment and make the most of what many consider an annoyance. I like the winter white stuff myself, but delaying the fireplace warmth to sit down in it and eat it really goes above and beyond in my view! You’re not just a cool mom, you’re a fun mom.

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