Day 25 – Never Let Go

With three kids, it’s hard to feel like I’m giving each one the individualized attention they really need.  I do my best by pulling one aside for a quick chat or taking one out to dinner for that awesome one-on-one time, but I always want more.  The other night, we had two tickets to a college hockey game and it was the perfect opportunity for a date night with nine year old Rocky.  Let it be known that I detest going to hockey games simply because it’s absolutely frigid in the arena, but I will take it for the team if it means an opportunity for more quality kid time.  Putting my personal comfort aside for the sake of bonding with my son, I threw fashion out the window and donned several layers of sweatshirts, socks, and long underwear then headed down to campus.  The atmosphere inside the arena was electrifying and Rocky was caught up in the excitement with his eyes drawn to the band, players and scantily clad cheerleaders (he is definitely a boy!).  The game started and we cheered our way through the first period.  Ready for snacks, we made our way through the sea of fans to the concession stand.  After I handed Rocky some money for popcorn he raced ahead to make the purchase himself.   Suddenly, he was gone.  That moment of panic turned into a minute and I still couldn’t find him anywhere.  I shouted his name to the strange looks of people around me.  The minute had now turned into two minutes…the longest he had ever been out of my sight in a situation like this.  I ran to a security guard and in a panic yelled about my missing son, then stopped mid-sentence, spotting my beautiful Rocky standing next to a pillar eating popcorn.  While in my hug he told me he had stayed still just like I taught him and then scolded me for panicking.  Touché little one.  As we were walking back to our seats, Rocky grabbed my hand.  We haven’t held hands in over a year…I thought he was surely outgrowing that gesture.  No matter how cold I was that night, the safe hand of my boy was all I needed to keep warm.


4 thoughts on “Day 25 – Never Let Go

  1. I think we’ve all had those heart-stopping moments where a child has disappeared out of sight, if even for a split second. That gut-wrenching, sickening feeling reminds us to be grateful (and mindful) of all we have.

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