Day 28 – Wake Up & Make Up

Each day when the alarm rings, I slap the snooze with vengeance as if will extend my sleep period indefinitely.  I finally swing my feet over the side of the bed and stumble into my morning routine, eyes half open.  The plan of the day starts to play through my mind as I can feel the synapses in my brain finally start to fire.  As I get further into my morning routine, my hair looks less like Medusa and I have changed out of my unflattering, oversized flannel PJs.  The last step involves beautifying my face with a bag full of make-up products.  As I reach for the moisturizer, a green rubber octopus always catches my eye.  Not quite the expected partner in a cosmetics bag, but there he lies loyally every morning.  A few years ago while watching me put on my make-up, Rocky’s small toy was left behind in my bag.  I never took it out because it was a lovely reminder each day of my smiling guy.  Mastering the art of equality, Sport had soon thrown in his cowboy boot bracelet and Cricket added her colorful purse charm.  Occasionally, the kids will come and care for their items in the bag, washing off the spilled blush or placing their trinket on top to ensure its priority placement.  Each morning I see their tiny toys amongst the eyeliner and mascara and can’t help but smile back at the silly little baubles.  Some mornings it’s tough to get going, but it’s nice to have a memento reminding me why I am going in the first place.



2 thoughts on “Day 28 – Wake Up & Make Up

  1. Mementos like your children’s toys in unexpected places are definitely ‘reminder hugs’ of your little ones….that was a sweet story!

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