Day 29 – Sunny Souvenir

When my kids were younger, I had a special song that I would sing to each of them. Sometimes I would belt it out if it were just the two of us in the car, other times I would sing it to them before bed. Most of the time, the song would come out when the kiddo was upset and needed to be calmed down. It was almost like a secret weapon; when nothing else worked, I would start singing ‘our song’ through the monstrous cries and gradually the sobs would lessen until just my voice was humming cuddled up next to my little one. I will be the first to admit that I was never asked to sing in the junior high choir, and when I do try to carry a tune, the dog does a strange head tilt as if I’m performing some sort of odd mating call. In other words, my singing voice is somewhat undesirable. However, the kids never seemed to mind in their toddler years. As they grew older, the opportunity to sing our songs grew few and farther between, which saddened me. However, a few weeks ago Rocky asked me to sing his song, “You are my Sunshine” at bedtime. I felt like my heart was glowing as I sang the well-known tune. The next morning, I wanted to somehow seize the feeling of our song before it was gone forever (I knew it was pushing it to think he would ask me to sing it at his wedding). I went online and easily found a necklace that captured the essence of that song. A few days later he saw me wearing the necklace then ran his fingers over it and smiled in a way I had never seen before. We will always be connected by that song, even when the days of singing it are gone. Finding a special way to remember it made those musical moments even sweeter.



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