Day 30 – Foam + Glue = I Love You

One fall day when the boys were back in pre-school, they brought home giant paper pumpkins.  Insistent on hanging them up somewhere around the house, I searched for the perfect place to showcase their beautiful artwork.  Having just moved into our freshly painted home, I was (more than) slightly hesitant to hang them on the blemish free walls, and their size dictated that the refrigerator wasn’t going to cut it.  Ultimately, we decided to display them on the front door explaining to my toddlers that their creations were so beautiful, the whole world needed to see them.  As Halloween passed and I was taking the pumpkins down, Rocky promptly wanted to know when we were going to make Thanksgiving decorations to adorn the door.   Seven years later, everything from Valentine bugs to Christmas elves have graced our front entry.  Every major holiday is covered, at least those for which we have found ideas (Labor Day?  That’s a tough one.  There is only so much we can make out of foam and Elmer’s glue).  Our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed as neighbors comment on their excitement for our next holiday reveal, and we have been stopped by strangers asking how we got our turkey feathers so jubilant (the key is in the foam baby!).   Before we launched into our Easter project this week, I asked the kids if they wanted to continue making the front door artwork, or if they were ready to be done.  They enthusiastically agreed to continue our tradition which made my heart happy.  I know this piece of their childhood won’t go on forever, but it’s nice to know for now that door is still open (and decorated).


(getting ready for their debut on the front door)


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