Triple Double? No Trouble!

As I was putting on my make-up in the bathroom this morning, I heard the boys stumble into my bedroom after turning off their alarms.  The television clicked on and they settled in to watch a few cartoons before it was time to go downstairs before breakfast.  After I finished drying my hair, I heard whooping and hollering coming from my room.  I know Pokémon can get pretty exciting, but I had never heard them get this fired up over a few animations before.  When I peeked around the corner to see what the commotion was, I saw that they were not watching cartoons at all.  Rather, they had tuned in to the ESPN highlight reel.  It was indeed the dawn of a new era.  When they saw I was spying on them, they excitedly called me into the room to watch the features alongside them.  They couldn’t wait to show me the over-the -fence catch from the baseball player in spring training and the awesome alley-oop play from their favorite basketball team.   As we watched together, the broadcasters highlighted the hometown professional basketball star’s huge accomplishment the night before of making a “triple double” and the boys went crazy.  I had no idea what a triple double was, but didn’t dare reveal my naivety and celebrated in a victory dance right along with them.  As we were all getting ready to head downstairs to breakfast, I pulled Maverick aside and slyly asked him to explain the intricacies of a triple double.  He graciously enlightened me and I was now educated on yet one more basketball statistic.  My boys were definitely moving on and I needed to meet them at their level to stay connected to them.  Sometimes it takes a little insider help to get there, but getting there is all that matters.


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