Kicking Up Your Heels

Cricket and I had to run to the department store to pick out a new bathing suit for her.  What is typically a dreaded shopping trip for the adult woman is one of pure excitement for a budding tween.  There were so many styles and colors to choose from that fit her lovely frame.  We had been in the dressing room so long that I had lost track of time.  I quickly rushed Cricket along and hurried her toward the front of the store.  Before I knew it, she had ducked out of my sight into the stacked boxes of women’s shoes.  Slightly annoyed and ready to go home, I called out to her.  She sauntered out into the aisle wearing four inch high heal boots that went up past her knees.  Trying out her supermodel walk, she strutted down the aisle, only wobbling 11 times.  She grabbed a red oversized purse and we both tried on rhinestone studded shades, making a spectacle right there in the store.  As we laughed together I was glad a pair of heels had given me the kick I needed to slow down and enjoy the moment.


2 thoughts on “Kicking Up Your Heels

  1. Yup, enjoy shopping for/with your daughter while you can. You blink and she’ll be going with her friends, no mothers needed.

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