I Heart U

Technology in the hands of my kids scares me.  I know in the near future there will be a gaggle of silent kids hanging out in our living room having a conversation with each other via text.  No words will be coming out of their mouths, yet so much will be said through the network.  I want to dig in my heels and make it all stop, but I hear myself sounding like a dinosaur.  So after what seemed like years, we finally gave into Cricket’s incessant requests for a cell phone.  We justified it through her lengthy time alone at sports practices; however that was not nearly enough to satisfy her brothers, and their protests of injustice ensued for days.  Strict rules surrounding the phone were immediately set and the novelty quickly wore off for both Cricket and her dissenting siblings.  A few days after the purchase of the phone, a strange thing started happening.  After tucking the kids in bed at night, I would settle myself in to read or watch TV.  A few minutes later, I would hear that familiar ping coming from my own phone indicating I had a new text.  Looking down, I saw a sweet message from Cricket sending one more good night hug, via text.  We then sent several more lovely messages without any words coming out of our mouths…right there through the network.  How incredible.



One thought on “I Heart U

  1. Aww….that’s adorable! I think your daughter is the closest to becoming a ‘mini-you’! The boys on the other hand…well, I’ll need to read more stories!

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