Sweet Motivation

I don’t know what’s been going around our house lately, but the kids just don’t want to go to school.  I think we are in for some tough years ahead, especially since we’ve got another nine years until graduation!  This morning, Rocky curled up on the couch after breakfast with the blankets over his head and declared that he was staying home.  When I asked what his ailment was, he told me that school was boring, particularly on days like today where they didn’t have gym or art.  He went on to say that without any specialty classes in his day, there was nothing to look forward to.  I knew I couldn’t change his schedule at school, but I could still definitely give him something to look forward to in his day.  Knowing that he’s a kid who thinks with his sweet tooth, I went to my secret stash of treats in the cupboard (after the month I’ve had, I’m lucky there were any goodies remaining there at all). I pulled out three pieces of his favorite licorice and packed it into his lunch box.  I added extra cookies and ‘forgot’ the veggies too figuring if I was going to make this a great lunch I might as well go all out.  His mood immediately changed.  Just knowing he had a special lunch to look forward to in the middle of the day was enough to get him rolling.  On the tough mornings, the years to graduation seem so far away; here’s hoping that licorice and love will get us through.



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