Cheers to the Here and Now

Last week we took our kids on a spring break vacation to a tropical destination.  We spent our days together enjoying the sun, sand and surf and then would gather over dinner to discuss the highlights of the day.  After the meal, Rocky and Sport would scurry off to the Kids’ Club for the evening and Cricket would hang back with us.  We loved her company each evening and the rare opportunity to spend some quality one-on-one time with her.  She has a unique way of making us drop our guard and then suddenly find ourselves dancing Gangnam Style in front of a crowd of people or striking up a conversation with a stranger in our best British accents.  However, one night early into our vacation I found myself longing for some alone time with my husband, mentioning to him what a different trip it would have been if Cricket had participated in the nighttime kids’ activities along with her brothers.  I envisioned long walks, great talks and lots of time to reconnect as a couple.  He smiled at the thought and then said that in less than 10 years, our kids will be gone and it will be only couple time.  The thought hit me hard and made me want to hang on to my kiddos and never let go.  With that in mind, it was so easy to grab Cricket’s hand and say “Cheerio” to another round on the dance floor.


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