Deep Sea Drama

There are many cool activities to choose from when vacationing in a tropical destination as we did last week for spring break.  Then again most anything beats dragging out the shovel yet again for another March snowstorm.  So when we got the opportunity to go Snuba diving (a cross between SCUBA and snorkeling), we jumped at it.  We took the brief introductory lesson, suited up, and headed into the water.  As we all awkwardly walked out into sea in our flippers and breathing regulators, a hand ferociously grabbed my side.  I turned to see a look of fear so intense in my dear Cricket’s eyes.  She immediately told me she was too scared to go on; she wanted to swim back to the beach.  I filled her with positive reasons to stay and carry on, yet she pleaded with me to drop out.  Not typically a quitter, I knew she was facing a true fear.  It was a pivotal parenting moment.  I wondered how hard to push versus relying on her instinct to back off?  I finally put both of my hands her fragile little cheeks and connected with her eyes.  Without saying a word, my look conveyed my confidence in her.  Not giving her much choice, I grabbed her hand and pulled her along underwater next to me.  Before long, I saw her give the dive instructor the ‘ok’ sign and she was off swimming with a school of fish.  When we surfaced after the dive, I showered her with accolades for facing a fear and pressing on.  She could not stop smiling and gave me a hug that certainly made my top ten of all time.  In those decisive parenting moments, I don’t always make the right choices, but when I do I feel on top of the world (or in this case 20 feet under it).


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