Winter Blues (Purples and Reds)

Winter has chosen to linger into spring in our neck of the woods.  This means slushy puddles, dirty snow and kids who are tired of sledding, building snowmen and making ice fortresses.  The mere mention of playing outside brings groans of dissent and I can hardly blame the kids as they return with soaked jackets and gloves caked in drippy snow.  Yesterday afternoon, the kids were particularly squirrely and aggressively wrestling on the living room floor, repeatedly reporting injuries that made me question whether I would ever become a grandmother in the future.  I knew I needed to send them outside to release their energy, but feared the opposition I would face when suggesting the idea.  I quickly decided to put some creativity into their outside activities and began to fill three squirt bottles with water.  I called the kids over and they each filled a bottle with a different shade of food coloring.  Excited to ‘paint’ the backyard, the trio quickly dressed in their winter gear and headed outside.   While I definitely feared looking out the window to find my three cherubs spraying each other down with blue, purple and red colored water…I was pleasantly surprised to find a backyard covered in beautiful artwork.  With a little creativity, we are creeping our way toward spring despite what the weather has planned (and hopefully my future grandchildren will thank me).



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