Forty, Family & Fun

This week I celebrated my birthday.  On my big day, I thought about getting a luxurious massage and lounge around my favorite Starbucks all day.  Heck, it was my 40th birthday, so bathing in a vat filled with decaf salted caramel mocha (heavy on the caramel) actually sounded lovely to me.  However, every mom can dearly attest to the mantra:  When the kids are happy… I am happy.  So when asked what I wanted to do for my special day, I suggested a trip to the local indoor mall amusement park…on the last day of spring break…in the middle of the day…when every other family from the surrounding four states would be there.  Yes, we knew it would be busy, but it was my birthday and we all had a good attitude.  The kids picked a giant stomach-dropper as our first ride, one we had managed to avoid in the many years we had been going to this particular park.  The ride drew us up to the top of the mall giving us a gorgeous view…until the bottom dropped out leaving my scream trailing ten feet behind.  Usually not a huge fan of amusement rides, this was one of those that left me shrieking yet smiling and I loved it.  As it turns out, I smiled the whole day not because I was self-indulging in luxuries; rather I was surrounded by those that truly made me happy.  When I later opened my gifts, there was a single sheet of paper where Rocky had written, “Free Mussage.”  I guess I will get that back rub after all.



One thought on “Forty, Family & Fun

  1. I knew I forgot something. Happy belated birthday!!! The big 4-0…and no drinking was involved. What you did with family was even better anyway! Hope the mussage was just as good!

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