Settling the Scorecard

There always seems to be a tally going on in my head as to how much time I have spent with each of my children.  Some days I have spent extra time with one while other days I have given lots of attention to another.  It’s always a little scorecard kept in my mind, making sure everyone receives their fair share of Mom time.  This week it was clear that Rocky was falling behind and I knew I needed to come up with something special.  While he was at school, I made up seven cards leading him on a scavenger hunt throughout his room.  Each one had a little clue that would lead him to the next and so on.  The last card taped under his pillow was a note telling him how much I loved him (I was tempted to attach a sweet treat, but decided it was a good lesson to learn that words alone could be a great gift).  After school I waited for him to go to his room, yet he played downstairs all afternoon and evening.  After his shower, I stood outside his room as he rummaged through his drawers for some underwear and found clue #5.  Wait, this was not going as planned!  I pointed him toward the start, got him back on track and smiled as he went from clue to clue.  After he read my final note (and double checked to make sure there were no extra treats), he gave me a hug and kept telling me how special he felt.  Honestly, I was the one who truly felt special.  Now back to that scorecard…hmmm, that husband and dog seem to be lagging way behind.



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