Lids & Lizards

We were at the mall the other day, a place where my nine year old twins are beginning to love nearly as much as much as my tween daughter.  As we wandered through the halls, the boys were drawn to the many store fronts peppered with professional sports jerseys and neon colored athletic shoes.  On our way to a mall restaurant, they ran into one of these stores, mouths gaping open at fuzzy blankets with team logos and flashing light football beer mugs.  While the rest of us were admiring stadium posters, (Really?  Are stadium posters that interesting?) the boys ran up wearing baseball hats adorning their favorite NBA teams.  Unable to resist, we plunked down the cash and walked out of the store with two very cute, backwards-hat-wearing, happy boys.  However, this type of situation always leaves us in a sticky conundrum.  We have three kids and had just bought something for two of them; does the third one feel slighted?  Cricket has always been one to be happy for others and rarely complains about any injustices, but in reality she is still ten years old.  After lunch we passed by an airbrush kiosk near the mall center and her eyes lit up.  I asked if she would like an airbrush tattoo and got her standard answer suggesting it was too much money and she didn’t need it.  Without question, I set her up in the chair and three minutes later a glimmering turquoise lizard graced her upper arm.  She gave me a quick muscle flex and then a giant hug.  Equality is priceless.



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