Wink Jr.

When I was in college, my good friend told me one of my best assets was my endearing right-eye wink.  She said I knew just how to use it in the most powerful yet charming way to draw people in.  True, oftentimes this meant catching the attention of the cute boy across the room, but other times I just used it to signal a friend that we were on the same page.  As I grew older, the wink faded away and was tucked into the proverbial back pocket.  Not long ago I was on the living room floor playing a board game with the kids.  We were nearing the end of the game and I was losing badly, surrendering almost all of my play money to the bank.  Without hesitation, Sport handed me a chunk of his money and gave me the best right-eye wink I had ever seen.  I nearly fell over as it was like staring back into my own expression, twenty years ago.   I winked right back at him and thus started a winking fest between the two of us.  Now, out of nowhere I will see him from across the room, throw him a wink and then get one right back.  Back in college, I never could have foreseen using my best assets in such a cool way (wink, wink).


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