Color Critique

Cricket spent the night at Grandma’s house which is always a treasured time.  Upon her return home, she and Grandma sat at my kitchen counter recounting the events of the night.  A little bit of playing around, a few bits of chocolate, some TV watching, more chocolate and a lot of giggling.  Grandma then asked if Cricket was going to tell me the “conclusions” they had come to about me.  My ears perked up and I was suddenly very curious about what my mom and daughter had to say.  I looked to Cricket only to see her face turning tomato red and hidden with her hands.  She said there was no way she was going to share because she didn’t want to hurt my feelings (awww…sweet girl!).  My mom went on to explain that while the two were “doing their make-up” that morning (one of Cricket’s favorite activities with Grandma) they decided I needed to ditch all of the black clothes in my wardrobe and add some hot colors.  I again glanced over to Cricket, head now buried in her arms and breathing out a heavy sigh indicating she was absolutely mortified that I knew of her criticism.  I started to laugh and actually agreed in spades with what they had said.  With spring here, it was time for a wardrobe makeover and I was definitely ready for some pops of color.  This news brought Cricket’s head back up in surprise, as if she had expected me to go running out of the room in tears.  Both my mom and I had fun explaining to her that the mother-daughter relationship can be the safest place on earth – she was free to kindly express her constructive opinions without worry of abandonment.  That being said, she quickly let me know I should look into a lighter shade of lipstick and perhaps a try a different eye shadow…


2 thoughts on “Color Critique

  1. There will be a day you will be officially out of touch style -wise, and it will always be your daughter who saves you! It has begun….

    • I know this all too well…so lucky to have someone in the house to tell me the honest truth because I certainly need it. I’m a little worried I’m going to end up looking like a ten year old. Does it beat the alternative of looking 80?

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