Painted Perfection

The boys were off at a joint play date (LOVE that, thank you moms for inviting both twins to your house), leaving Cricket and me home together after school.  She lamented about the piles of homework due the next day and how it was going to take hours for her to complete.  I suggested she get started in order to get some of the work done before dinner, which resulted in her rolling her eyes and throwing her head into her arms down on the counter.  Obviously overwhelmed with the task in front of her, I knew she needed something to pick her up and suggested a quick nail painting session – she was always begging to give me a manicure.  A bit of a perfectionist when it comes to personal grooming, I was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone in letting a ten year old paint my nails.  I knew I would have to relax about any crazy colors, paint that went outside the lines, and smudgy streaks.  Cricket decided that ‘Dream Green,’ a lovely shade of lime, would best compliment both my eyes and spring wardrobe.  I kept my lips sealed tight and rolled with it.  As she painted, I had to admit this little bit of funk was growing on me and suggested adding some blue polka dots as a finishing touch – go big or go home.  As we wrapped things up, Cricket had newfound energy and was ready to get on with her homework and I had a fun reminder that coloring outside the lines is absolutely beautiful.



2 thoughts on “Painted Perfection

  1. Cricket is a doll! Hopefully, your manicure doesn’t chip too soon so that everyone can see the beautiful colors she selected for you!! : )

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