An Answer to Mother Nature

Disgusting, pathetic, unbelievably depressing…all words I would use to describe our big mid-April snowfall.  Enough already, we have made it through five long months of winter and are supposed to be sporting our flip flops and cropped pants instead of worn out wool socks and crummy boots.  As adults, our bad attitudes are reflected in most everything relating to the weather.  This was this case in our house this week when I could hardly stand to look out my window at the wet, heavy snow.  I was grumbling about wanting to be magically transported to the barefoot days of summer when Cricket crept up and suddenly presented me with a glass filled with an unusual treat.  She called it a real snow cone and described finding fresh white snow, adding a couple of drops of food coloring, then adding pancake syrup for flavor.  She had made a beautiful, creative product out of Mother Nature’s seemingly crazy joke.  After confirming with her that she indeed used only fresh WHITE snow, I grabbed a spoon and dug in.   We’ve all heard of making lemonade out of lemons…and this week I found that there is definitely something to learn from making snow cones out of disgusting, pathetic, unbelievably depressing snow.



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