Troublemaker is My Middle Name

I was driving home the other day letting my mind wander off in my own little world.  The boys were arguing over a call that was made at soccer and Cricket was calmly reading a book.   I hear a sudden ferocious request from the backseat to turn up the radio and quickly oblige fearing I may miss something important.  Within seconds, all three kids were belting out the tune…singing about how the girl was a tttttrouble, tttttrouble, troublemaker.  I couldn’t help but laugh hearing my kids singing this, but soon enough…I was jamming right along with them.  As the song continued on, they begged me to turn the volume even higher, making the sides of the car reverberate.  At this point, we were all dancing in our seats with our hands in the air, garnering a few strange looks at the stoplight.  After arriving home, the kids quickly dispersed out of the car and headed into the house.  Still sitting in the driver’s seat and not wanting the moment to end, I pulled up iTunes and bought the song.  While working out the next morning, the song came up during the shuffle on my iPod.  The kick in my step was faster and those three minutes were easier thanks to the cool memories from the day before.  Who knew being a (straight-laced) troublemaker could be so fun?


3 thoughts on “Troublemaker is My Middle Name

  1. There’s something about music and fragrances that provide strong reminders of people and events. I have a feeling Taylor Swift’s ‘Trouble” is going to be one of them for you and the kids, or maybe for the people who saw you!

    • You are so right about songs and fragrances! While we love Tswift, the song we were singing was actually “Troublemaker” by Olly Murs featuring my favorite Flo Rida (or as I like to call him, “Florida” like the state. The kids get especially embarrassed). Check it out…quite a catchy tune!

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