Love through Chocolate

I went out to the mailbox the other day and was giddy to find a small unexpected package waiting for me in the depths of the box.  I hurried back inside, sat down in the mudroom and tore open the pretty parcel.  Inside, I found four luscious, chewy chocolate chunk brownies sent from heaven (actually they were sent from our vet thanking us for a referral).  As I was admiring the chocolaty goodness and debating whether to scrap my new healthy eating kick and dive in, a blue sticky note on the back door caught my eye.  Sport had put it there the previous night reminding him to bring his hat and gloves to school that day (yes, what a great spring we are having).  Feeling a lump under my bum, I scooted over on the bench only to see Sport’s gear left behind.  Picturing my kid either shivering outside at recess without his stuff or worse, banished to play inside by himself for forgetting it, I knew I had to make the trek up to school to drop off the items.  Just before walking out the door, I saw the brownies and figured they would make a great midday surprise for my kiddos.  Maverick and I wrote three quick notes and attached them to the treats.   Once at school, I dropped off the gear just before recess, and then set the brownies (complete with endearing notes) in all three kids’ lockers.  At the end of the day, it was fun to hear about the goody discoveries and the love each kid felt as they gulped down their treat.  Of course back at home I convinced myself that I needed to truly experience what the kids got to feel that day and sunk my teeth into the last brownie.  Wow, love really does taste sweet.



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