Puzzled Play

As the terrible weather drags on, I am finding it harder to entertain the kids inside. Seriously, we seem to have run the life out of our fort building, board game playing and crafting. The kids are drawn to their video games like moths to a flame and I am constantly dragging them away from this ‘electronic nipple.’ After returning home from traveling last week, I found my dining room table covered in 1000 jigsaw puzzle pieces. During his stay alone with the kids, Maverick had dug out one of our old puzzles and given the kids an alternative to the tired standby toys and the pulsing electronics. At first, I was skeptical. I’ll admit that standing over a jigsaw puzzle seemed a bit…old fashioned. However, when I casually walked by to see what picture was on the puzzle, I couldn’t help but place a missing piece in its spot. Soon, I had found another piece and pulled up a chair. Sport & Rocky joined me and there we were working on this puzzle together without an electric outlet or battery in sight. There are so many times when I want to give my kids the latest and greatest in toys and technology, but oftentimes I underestimate how fun old fashioned can really be.



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