Tighty Whity’s Navy

A couple of nights ago we were nearing the end of a long day.  I had battled with the kids over doing their homework and knew it was going to be a struggle to get them showered and in bed.  Oftentimes a quick game of cards or chase around the basement can make for an easy transition into the nighttime routine, but that night I just didn’t have the energy.  As I was tossing Lego pieces into a bin, I told the kids it was time for their shower.  A perpetual staller, Sport wandered into the living room where I was picking up the last Lego brick.  With his most endearing nine year old eyes, he looked at me and begged, “Will you play with me Mommy?”  Typically a stickler on bedtime (especially when I’m tired), something told me I needed to let my agenda go and just play.  We sat down and I was soon informed by Sport that we both had five minutes to build the best Lego boat in the history of the world.  Feeling a bit of pressure, I went straight to work.  As the timer on my watch beeped indicating that our time was up, we spun around to reveal our creations.  Sport had built a massive ship complete with deck rails, ladders and complex levels.  It was a sight to behold; a true brick building masterpiece.  I then showed him my tiny little dinghy decorated with a few bricks for color & height, topped with my favorite Scotsman mini-figure at the helm.  Just as Sport was about to declare himself the obvious winner in our build-off, I instructed him to look closer at my boat pilot.  As it turns out, the Scotsman had forgotten his kilt, revealing that he was driving the boat in his tighty whities.  With this new twist in the competition, we declared the contest to be a tie and headed up to bed laughing.  Not wanting to miss the best moments, I realized that I need to let go of the agenda and drive by the seat of my (under) pants.



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