Left Where He Belonged

Nearly two years ago, we decided to remodel our kitchen.  Much time and money was spent choosing the perfect cabinetry, appliances and fixtures to reflect our style and make our kitchen a warm and inviting place in our home.  In the days since, I have tried to maintain that feeling of newness in my now favorite room through lots of cleaning, wiping, sweeping, and the occasional gasp when one of the kids kicks the underside of the island just a little too hard while eating a meal.  I was cleaning up after breakfast the other day as the kids were getting ready for school.  All dishes were in the dishwasher, counters were cleaned off and the floor was tidied up.  It felt good to have my space clean before moving on with the day.  When I returned home from dropping the kids off at school, I breezed by the kitchen and something caught my eye.  In my neatly staged island centerpiece, Sport had dropped his most treasured stuffed Leopard.  Loved since birth, Leopard has had both an ear and eye transplant as well as multiple stuffing replacements.  Looking up at me from his perfect perch, it was beautiful to see how something that doesn’t quite fit in truly belonged.  While I love having everything in its place, sometimes the most wonderful things stick out.



One thought on “Left Where He Belonged

  1. Those endearing moments are the best….but in the back of my head I always count how many more years of that will I get to enjoy.

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