Pronto Ponytail

Mornings around our house tend to be a bit harried (that may be the biggest understatement of the world).  We certainly give the kids enough time to get ready, however when it comes down to actually getting out the door, we are always in a rush.  Finishing breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth and combing hair all seem like simple tasks yet somehow we are running a race against the last seconds of the clock nearly every morning. Yesterday morning, just a few minutes before we were due to leave, I predictably heard the faint call from Cricket in the bathroom upstairs begging me to help her with her hair.  I sprinted up the stairs and found her holding a brush in one hand and headband in the other looking exasperated.  She pleaded for me to help her with a ponytail.  Despite the ticking clock, I slowed down and worked on her gorgeous, long, brown hair.  In the process, she told me about a secret she shared with a friend at school as well as her excitement over an upcoming history project.  In those two minutes, she ended up with a beautiful ponytail and I gained a little more insight into the life of my growing tween.  Life continues to whirl by at an astounding rate, taking my kids’ youth with it.  Now is the time to slow down, embrace the little moments and pony up.



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