Moment for Mom?

Just when it seems like I’m mastering our latest household schedule, a new sport begins and throws our routine into chaos.  Add in a couple extra tests plus a big homework project and the stress level in our home can get a little…elevated.  The kids were working hard this week to meet the demands of school and sports, but it was blatantly obvious that things were quickly boiling over.  While I try to deal with mega meltdowns in a calm and rational manner, I too can be quick to crack under pressure.  I had just threatened to take screen time away for a week as well as make them wear their pajamas to school for not getting dressed (Really?  Was that the best I could do?), when Cricket approached me and told me to close my eyes.  She took my hand and led me to my bedroom door where I was told to begin my scavenger hunt.  Throughout the house, she had left little notes guiding me to spots where I found coupons for back rubs, prepared meals and drawn up baths.  At the end of the hunt, I opened a box where she had beautifully wrapped up $5 of her own money with instructions to go out and purchase my favorite coffee drink.  She knew that I had created a similar game for Rocky just a few weeks ago, and was now doing something nice for me, just when I needed it.  She had created a moment for me.  Imitation is definitely the best form of flattery and the thrill can linger all day (even if the kids DO end up at school in their pajamas).



2 thoughts on “Moment for Mom?

  1. Seriously? Pajama? We all know you’d never let them walk out of the house like that!! Sweet Cricket, what a wonderful person she’s turning out to be!

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