Boycott to Bliss

Ever since they were little, our children have repeatedly asked us when we were going to have another baby.  Despite our adamant proclamation that this was never going to happen, they had a beautiful baby designed in their minds right down to the blue eyes and tiny toe nails.  As they got a little older and realized that life was pretty good without yet another diapered sibling stealing their toys and parents’ attention, they decided to make it well known that there would be no more babies in our household.   Taking it even further, our twin boys proclaimed that they never wanted to get married and have children of their own.  In typical nine year old fashion, the idea of having a wife and family totally grossed our son Sport out.  However, just a few short weeks ago a beautiful baby boy came into the world.   As their very first cousin, the kids were extremely excited.  We showed each of our kids how to gently hold the baby so as to support his head and keep him comfortable.  When it was Sport’s turn, he was a complete natural.  He continually bent down to kiss the baby’s soft forehead and caress his chubby cheeks.  When the baby was fussing a bit, I leaned in to help and heard Sport softly singing to him so I quickly backed away…he had this.  As a parent, there is pure joy in experiencing the moment when gross becomes great.


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