Now & Later

Cricket was just five months old when we decided to try for another child.  We believed having our children close together would ensure a tight sibling bond that would cement their relationship for life.  A month later we were pregnant and our jaws dropped when the eight week ultrasound revealed it was twins.  Hmmm, we wanted them close together but that close?  Wow.  Years later our theory regarding closeness in age equaling a tight sibling bond has not quite worked out the way we had planned.  Bickering and squabbling often echo off the walls of our home and we seem to be constantly refereeing an argument between the siblings.  The other night, I sat on Cricket’s bed and tucked her blankets up around her head as I do every night.  Her face seemed sad and I knew she had something deep on her heart to share.  When probed, she told me that she was so tired of her brothers being mean to her.  As tears streamed down her cheeks, she gave examples of stolen toys, interrupted conversations and invaded spaces.  I told her how I too was once a victim to the crummy antics pulled by a menacing brother.  Much like Cricket with her brothers, I explained how I often shed tears over the unjustness that happened in my own household and how I couldn’t wait until my big bro left for college.  I then explained that a funny thing happened when he went away to school…that menacing brother actually became cool.  He was (and still is) my ally, confidant and friend.  There was definitely a look of disbelief in Cricket’s eyes that such a thing could ever happen with her brothers, but I told her to hang on and be patient.  After I kissed her goodnight, I walked away thinking that my idyllic home with three children who were close in age and best friends had not quite turned out the way I had imagined…yet.


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