Salty & Sweet (gag!)

Last weekend, spring had finally sprung.  The sun was shining, bikes were out, and laughter was bouncing throughout the neighborhood.  After being cooped up for one of the longest winters on record, we were all ready to get out and enjoy the beautiful day.  I had stepped inside to get some drinks for the kids when I heard Maverick and Rocky making a commotion in our laundry room.  Curious as to why they would be stealing away from the precious sunshine, I peeked inside and got a glimpse of Rocky’s bleeding toe.  He had been propped up on the washing machine and given a clean cloth to stop the flow, but I could see it was definitely a doozy.  Through the tears, I put together that Rocky had stubbed his toe while running down the driveway and didn’t want anyone to touch his injury.  Maverick went scurrying for the first aid supplies anyway, returning with several wound washes and toe bandages.  Rocky flat out refused treatment and the negotiating had gone back and forth until it was obvious that he was going to become a senior citizen before that toe was fixed.  I slipped out of the room and made a beeline for my “motivational cupboard.”  I immediately reached for the jellybeans when a bag of Rocky’s favorite Doritos caught my eye, so I grabbed those too.  Returning to the laundry room, I told Rocky he could pick either treat while Dad worked on his toe.  In typical kid fashion, he said he wanted both treats…at the same time.  As Maverick cleaned and bandaged the toe, I fed jellybeans and Doritos into his mouth (while trying not to gag).  Seeing my repulsive reaction to his customized treat made Rocky laugh…just long enough for his toe to be fixed.  Two days later he was having a particularly tough day at school, so while I was there for a volunteer event, I dropped a mixture of Doritos and jellybeans into his locker.   In times of peril for my kiddo, it feels amazing to make it all better simply by finding his sweet (and salty) spot.



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