Coconut Connection

There are only 22 days left of school, yet Rocky is still struggling to get into the classroom every day.  He complains of too much homework, bad lunches and not enough time with his friends.  When we were walking out the door to get in the car, he refused to go.  As a mom I wanted to throw my hands up, but somehow I gently coaxed him into the back of the car.  During our six minute drive to school, the other kids chatted away, but I could see Rocky’s sullen face in the rear view mirror and my heart sank.  I pulled up into the drop off lane and told the other two kids to have a great day, but asked Rocky to stay in the car for a few minutes.  I then parked in the lot and asked him to jump up into the passenger seat.  For the next ten minutes, we chatted about the ups and downs of daily life and how to deal with the challenges of school.  We then talked about all he had to look forward to after school was out including camps, travel and outdoor fun.  During that time, he had pulled out my coconut scented lip balm from the center console, spreading it over his lips and fingers and making the car smell like sweet summer.  Those 22 days had seemed like a million miles away, but that beautiful aroma of summer made him realize it was truly just around the corner.  His mood turned around and his smile finally returned.  With a little extra time from mom (and some help from a familiar summer scent) it was easy to turn his day from bad to beachy.


2 thoughts on “Coconut Connection

  1. Its funny that the other 2 have no qualms about going to school, but Rocky does. Obviously, this one will not ‘go with the flow’….but there’s always an upside to this independent, headstrong individual…he may surprise you when he gets older!

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