Hoop Dreams

Bedtime can often be the witching hour around our house.  We frequently ask our kids multiple times to get their pajamas on and get in bed before the task is actually completed.  We have tried every trick in the book to encourage them to comply eagerly but rarely do such antics work.  Perhaps we just provide such a great life for them that they just can’t bear to shut their eyes and miss one moment of it, but I highly doubt that.  It’s more likely that they are exercising their expert stall tactics, perfected over years of practice.  Whatever the case, many battles have ensued over lights out around our house.  Last week, Rocky was protesting his bedtime by giving me the silent treatment under the covers in his bed.  Hmmm…seemed like the perfect scenario to just let it lie given that it was indeed his bedtime, but much like men and women are not supposed to go to bed angry, I could not leave the room with a sad kid.  Looking around the room, I spotted Rocky’s favorite basketball hoop hanging off of his closet door and got an idea.  I picked up the ball and told Rocky he had one chance to make a shot of my choice, from anywhere I chose in the room.  If he missed, he would try the shot again the next night…but only one shot per night.  He would then choose my shot as well.  I saw his eyes peek out from under the covers.  Game on.  That first night he missed his shot from the top bunk leaning against Giant Stuffed Lion.  I missed from over the door.  The next night after shower Rocky yelled for me to join him in his room before bed…it was time for our shooting match.  He sunk that shot from the top bunk and I airballed it from behind the door.  Five days later, he’s on his third location and I’m still stuck on that shot from behind the door. Over the last few days, I have learned to embrace the fun at bedtime and save the battles for the court.



4 thoughts on “Hoop Dreams

  1. As always, love the post. I have to laugh, because Jake’s closet door is IDENTICAL to your picture – and that is where he keeps the ball. As far as a sad or mad kid at bedtime, I am the same the way – I cannot tuck anyone in in that state. Mini hoops competition is a guaranteed mood enhancer!

    • Ahhh…Cricket is the easy one! She wants to chat about girlie stuff which is so fun to me. The boys stall and stall and stall but finding something they were excited about was key!

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