Chalk It Up

When I signed the boys up for three sports this spring, I must have been taking a joyride on the crazy train.  Note to self:  Just because it technically fits into the schedule, doesn’t mean we should sign up for it.  It has been a hectic few weeks getting everyone where they need to be on time (Yes, we did show up for team pictures at the wrong place and at the wrong time.  I am still not yet forgiven for that one).  However, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in the sliver of time between the boys’ lacrosse and soccer practices, Cricket and I have made a habit out of stopping at the coffee shop.  It has been a shining light amongst the chaos of our frenzied days.  She picks out some frozen yogurt, I order up my favorite coffee drink and we sit on the high stools chatting about the day.  One of the best parts of our coffee dates is the chalk board that decorates the back wall of the shop.  Each week, one of the baristas has posed a new question, hungry for store patrons to answer back in colorful chalk responses.  Cricket and I love finding ways to incorporate each other’s names into the board, then finding it amongst the hundreds of other coffee addict’s graffiti the next time we come in.  Last week, when I eagerly went looking for my name written in my daughter’s beautiful handwriting, I was surprised to find she had written a bunch of her friends’ names instead…gasp!  When I asked her about it, she dutifully pointed up to a corner where she had indeed written my name, then giggled at the site where she had written the names of her pals.  My kid is definitely growing up and it’s tough knowing I won’t always be the center of her life.  Reflecting on those afternoons together, I realize now how truly treasured they are.  I see that each minute we spend together further cements my name into the corner of her chalkboard…the perfect perch to watch her spread her wings and fly.


2 thoughts on “Chalk It Up

  1. You really must have been drinking heavily when you signed up those boys for 3 sports! Well, on the flip side, at least they’ll burn out their energies on someone else’s time! As for Cricket, it’s so hard to let go….just do it an inch at a time and enjoy watching her develop into a young lady.

    • Yes…at this point I could use a few good margaritas to get me through the rest of this sports season! The crazy thing is that when it’s over, we somehow end up missing it – the cheering, the action, the camaraderie with the other parents. I guess a nice relaxing day sitting by a pool will take care of that, until the boys start having a cannonball contest to see how wet they can get mom :-). It’s all part of living in the moment, right? I’m clinging (with all my might!) to those moments with Cricket. She’s got one hand holding mine and the other racing toward her girlfriends (and some boys) giving me the eye to let her go. So tough! I’ll be curious to see which is harder…the boys or girls. Rey you are fortunate to be able to experience both!

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