Love the List

Here we are…those last precious few days of the school year.  I’m trying to savor the quiet, relaxing minutes until my kids come home for the summer and the beautiful chaos begins.  While summer is my absolute favorite time of year and I love having the kiddos home, there is no doubt my job is more challenging having them around all the time.  Refereeing arguments is undoubtedly the hardest part, but entertaining, policing screen time and taxi driving are all close seconds.  Camps, sports and friends keep us busy most days, but on our free days it’s always a challenge to fill the time.  We’ll often head out to the backyard for some basketball or a game of kickball, or we might pull out some crayons or pop in a favorite DVD.  None of those things seem particularly memorable to me, just part of a regular summer day.  However, on the last day of summer a couple of years ago, I asked the kids what their favorite memories of that summer were.  They started spouting off everything from our great vacation to eating their favorite ice cream down by the lake.  What surprised me most was that each one of them added the mundane…our basketball games, the coloring sessions, and our rainy afternoon DVD.  I kept an electronic note of that summer list on my phone and added a new list the following year.  When I look back at those moments captured on my lists, they bring me true joy.  Going into your summer this week, what will end up on your list?



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