Lunch Bunch

When we were house hunting seven years ago, we dragged the kids though over 50 houses.  As toddlers, they would run from room to room in each house spouting off their tiny opinions.  We heard complaints that bedrooms were too small and basements looked like ghostly graveyards.  We finally picked a house that we hoped had it all…room for our growing brood, a nice yard for the kids to play, and a great family neighborhood.  After the closing documents were signed, I worried most about my kids connecting with other peeps on our block.  On paper, the house was perfect, but as a mom, good neighborhood friends were far more important than the bricks and mortar.  As it turns out, we hit the cool neighborhood kid jackpot.  I could tell early on that this was a good group of kids who knew right from wrong, but it was at my very favorite vessel of truth…the weekend lunch table, where my suspicions were confirmed.  The 7+ neighborhood kids that frequent our weekend kitchen lunch table typically show respect and treat each other with kindness (at least while their mouths are full of peanut butter and jelly).  Truly though, it’s the belly laughs, the enthusiastic storytelling and overall conversation volume that tells me this group was destined to be together.  They may think weekend lunches are only about hanging out with their buddies and getting some grub in their tummies.  However, these lunches are something I look forward to all week; I love every minute of them.  Looking back on that house hunt seven years ago, we did indeed find a home that has it all.  The weekend lunch table tells no lies.


One thought on “Lunch Bunch

  1. That’s another great way to stay involved in the kids lives! I’ve found that certain friends LOVE to chit chat…and it’s those kids who I get all the scoop from! I used to carpool my son and his other friends to and from school, sports, football games, etc…and I got an earful from just listening to them talk amongst themselves. But now that he’s driving, there’s no more carpool. I have to admit, I feel out of touch and a little sad that the boys are doing there own thing…and reading your story made me feel a bit wistful…

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