Buck Up

It hit like a ton of bricks…our first summer day without a scheduled camp, practice or other activity.  The neighborhood friends were all unavailable, so my kids were stuck having to play with (gasp!) each other.  That novelty wore off years ago, so the arguing started shortly after lunch.  I heard complaints that the brothers were too mean, the sister was too crabby, the weather was too hot and (my personal favorite) the dog wouldn’t perform any tricks.  Finally, they all agreed on Cricket’s suggestion to make a lemonade stand.  I was skeptical given their fiery attitudes going into the venture, but started mixing up the pink and purple flavored drinks anyway.  As I was carrying two huge pitchers of sugary juice down the driveway, I could already hear my trio bickering and knew it was going to be a long afternoon.  Cricket was trying to convince her brothers to donate all earnings to charity, while the boys were lobbying to spend their (yet unearned) new cash on basketball trading cards.  While I wanted to step in and mediate the argument like I always do, I simply put down the pitchers and settled into my lounge chair back in the shady garage.  They continued to adamantly hash out their stances until a car full of thirsty teenagers pulled up.  It was as if the kiddos flipped a switch and their harsh behavior gave way to amazing smiles, polite language, and expressions of gratitude toward their customers.  From that moment on, it was all business and doing what it took to bring in the bucks…even if that meant feigning love for their sibling co-workers.  In the end, the kids split nearly $20 and didn’t argue one bit the rest of the afternoon.  The joy of sweet success is evidently the greatest mediator of all.


I guess that summer spelling book isn’t quite making the grade.  “Lemonade” will be on the top of next week’s list.


2 thoughts on “Buck Up

  1. Haha! That’s too cute! I like that they incorrectly spelled ‘lemonade’!!! Maybe they got their spelling abilities from Maverick!?

    • Maybe I was mistaken and “Lemo-ade” is actually all the rage. I wish I could blame my brainiac hubby for their insufficient spelling, but I’m truly thinking the copious amounts of chocolate I ate during pregnancy is more the root cause.

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