Shopping or Sunfish?

Maverick and I just had a big anniversary…15 years of marriage, wow!  Since we celebrated on our trip last spring, we decided the actual day wasn’t going to be a big deal.  As it turned out, the boys were at camp and Cricket would be spending the day with us.  When asked what I wanted to do, I thought heading to the mall with my husband and daughter might be fun.  We could pick up a few new things and I knew Cricket would love to check out that new hair accessories kiosk.  My darling husband was completely game to spend his anniversary doing what his girlie girls loved best, but then he casually suggested we go fishing instead.  Hmmm…this was quite the conundrum.  After MUCH thought and debate, I decided that the last 15 years had taught me about compromise, so I then helped load up the stinky, heavy, stinky, bulky, stinky, fishing gear into the car.  As we paddled the canoe around the lake, Cricket had a blast reeling in her little sunfish.  Despite my initial hesitation, I too got into the game and ended up setting the family record for most catches.  Even Maverick was satisfied when he hooked a huge one that just happened to let go before we got the picture (no, really!).  After a couple of hours, we loaded up the boat, dropped Cricket off at Grandma’s house and got cleaned up for a celebratory lunch.  As I took a bite of my delicious risotto, that lingering beautiful stinky fishy smell from my hands reminded me that compromise can be wonderful.

big one

Size doesn’t really matter, does it?


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