The Power of Blue

Last week my guilt radar was on high alert.  I spent a lot of time driving, cheering on and practicing for the big game with the boys, all the while making Cricket tag along.  She often went without a complaint, reading books in the car and finding ways to entertain herself at her brothers’ games.  However, I knew she had reached her limit when I saw the look of fire in my sweet daughter’s eyes after asking her to attend yet another one of the boys’ events.   Trying to calm the storm, I arranged a play date for my guys the following day and set up my favorite girlie bonding activity, pedicures.  Cricket practically kicked her brothers out the door the next day when their friend picked them up, and then we were off to the salon.  As we walked in, I couldn’t help but notice two girls in their early teens sitting side by side chatting away at the manicure table.  I knew it was likely just a matter of time before my own tween would be sitting there gabbing with her BFF instead of Mom, so I did what any irrational mom would do.  I went over to the polish rack and picked out a funkiest sparkly blue color I could find, thinking that cool toes may buy me some more time in the mind of my kid. The ‘cool toes equal cool mom’ theory was definitely crazy, but getting a glimpse of my kiddo’s future made me a bit desperate.  Leaving the salon, I looked down at my ridiculously colored nails and laughed.  Cricket leaned over and told me she wished she had picked my color, and then asked if I could drop her at her friend’s house on the way home.  Well done, sparkly blue.

Blue Toes


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