Play With Your Food

This week, our sleep-in summer mornings gave way to the stinging sound of alarm clocks waking everyone up for the early start of day camp.  The kids lay in bed until the last minute, only to be jolted out of their slumber by another one of my nagging calls for them to come downstairs for breakfast.  Once there, we had a mad rush to gulp down some food, get the teeth brushed and gear packed for another wonderful day of rock climbing, water skiing, and camp songs (definitely not the same austere kind of camp I went to!).  We then all rushed out the door to meet the camp bus, leaving the smell of sunscreen and bug spray lingering in our dust.  After the goodbyes were said and the bus pulled away, I headed home to clean up the tornado that had just whirled through my kitchen.  Typically a job I despise, I try to whip through breakfast clean up in order to quickly get on with the rest of my day.  That morning, however, something stopped me in my tracks.  As I went to pick up Cricket’s cereal dish, a smiley face carefully crafted from discarded strawberries, browning bananas and errant cereal pieces stared back at me.  I realized that in the chaos and rush to get to the summer fun, she had slowed down to give me a moment of joy.  It was a simple, sweet reminder that even in a hurried world there is always time to serve up a bowlful of smiles.

cereal 2


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